My mother's kind neighbor brought in a Boston Terrier to his home named Moe.  Moe had been a bar dog.  They would feed Moe drinks at the bar & laugh at his drunken antics.  Our neighbor felt sorry for Moe, stole him out of the bar & gave him a good home.  My father had died & mother was all alone in her East McKeesport, Pa. home.  I lived in Connecticut at the time.  Mother would tell me what Moe was up to all the time.  She kept quite an eye on little Moe.  Well, I got a call one day.  Mother said they were giving Moe away & had offered him to her.  She asked me should she take him.  (I knew this was his way of helping mother out.)  I talked her into it.  It wasnít hard.  So, Moe came to live with Nellie.  I heard about Moe all the time on the phone.  How he slept with her.  What he liked to eat which was boiled chicken & beef jerky.  Moe loved dog treats but not milk bones.  He was quite the little companion for her!

I finally met Moe when I came home for Thanksgiving that year.  He certainly greeted me & would never stop.  I guess that was a left over from his alcoholic days.  He ALWAYS had to be the center of attention in the room.  If anyone was talking he nudged for petting & if you stopped he push his head under you hand or go to the center of the room & roll around or SOMETHING to be sure everyone was looking at him or talking about him.  What a showman!  I got tired of it pretty fast & thought what a pathetic creator he was.  I said to myself thatís no dog!  Ugh!  I left Thanksgiving glad to get away from Motherís precious dog.  By the time I left Motherís after Christmas that year however, Moe had me won over.  He settled down with the petting enough for me to see what a great dog he was & stole my heart. 

A few years later, I brought my future husband home.  He saw Moeís worth immediately & fell in love with the first dog of his life.  We took mother & her dog in 6 months after our marriage & we all lived together for 3 years Ďtil mother died.  Moe was by her side & outlived her by 3 years.  While my husband was at a conference, Moe died on the foot of my bed of a sudden illness Ė I think his little loving heart failed that night.  He went fast & unexpected.  Earlier that day I had chased him down the road when he got off the leash from me - always up to his pranks.

A couple of days later I answered an ad in the paper after checking out the pound for a Boston with no luck.  I chose between Max & his brother.  If I bought him that day I got $50 off so I took the calmer of the two & had him in a kennel on our table for a present for my husband when he returned from his trip.  Again Rich fell in love with Max on first sight as I had done. 

Unfortunately our cat Philip didnít think the same.  He ran & hid when he saw the puppy.  Phil always picked on Moe & didnít know what to think of the new one.  Phil & Moe spared to be king of the castle & Moe was always the winner.  This time Phil was determined not to lose I think.  Max came on Friday & the cat disappeared.  When we got back from church on Sunday the cat was back but NO puppy.  I was scared until I hear a whimpering under the couch as I kept calling.  There was little Max.  I had a little trouble pulling him out but got him & he has been my best buddy ever since. 

He made a great puppy (no accidents but chews up stuff from the trash can - seperation anxiety) & is a wonderful dog even though I call him my Boston Terror.   Heís very sweet, cute, energetic & always loving.  He is certainly our own little buddy.

It's taken me a while to add the news about Max's death.  He had cushings disease, epilepsy and after a series of seisures he lost the battle and went to doggie heaven in September 2007.  We still miss him greatly but our new puppy Jimmy Joe has filled our home with a new joy.  We got him in October 2007 and are enjoying him growing up.  He's now an adolescent and continues to fill our house with puppy pranks and alot of joy!
The Story of Max & Boston Terrier Gifts
Our purpose is to carry memorabilia of all kinds for the Boston Terrier.  We have figurines, pictures, purses, cards, t-shirts & much, much, more.  We are adding to our inventory daily.  We even carry regular daily pet dog supplies like bowls, brushes, etc. just for YOUR Boston Terrier.  It is a constant joy to pick items for our store because I do it out of love for My Boston Terrier!
My Boston Terrier started back when I was a little girl.  My mother Nellie always told me stories about her Boston Terrier Sunny Boy who lived with her & my Dad before I was born in the 1940ís in West Virginia.  Sunny Boy was well trained & knew to stop & sit at stop lights.  He could fetch the newspaper, roll over, & do other tricks.  He didnít need a leash or mother thought.  Unfortunately one day Sunny Boy saw one of his dog friends across the street & ran over to see him.  He got run over by a truck.  Mother told in great detail how she carried him home in her arms & of the make shift funeral.  She never really got over his death until she was in her late 70ís.
Jimmy Joe taking a nap with me on the office chair 2008
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Holly our chocolate lab and Jimmy Joe's adopted mom!  She's a real sweetheart who as gone to dog heaven.
Jazzy new from the pound & Jimmy's favorite playmate.  They have a great time playing together.
Jimmy Joe our Boston Terrier resting
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When puppies 2015
In recent times we have lost Jimmy Joe to cancer and in 2015 brought Sally Ann into our home.  She is very spirited and a real go getter. Loves her daddy Rick alot.  Sally lives with our lab mix Abby Lynn.  They were both still puppies when we got them and still love to run and play together.  They really love each other and are together most of the day.  Full grown now they have settled down a tiny bit but still enjoy playing with each other and chasing and loving cat Jasmine who is still here.  They both are super guard dogs - at least behind the window.

Moe, Max, Jimmy Joe & now Sally Ann are the inspiration for Boston Terrier Gifts.  We enjoy looking for Boston Terrier items and thought you may too.  Our purpose is to carry memorabilia of all kinds for the Boston Terrier.  We have figurines, pictures, stationary, t-shirts & much, much, more.  We continually add to our inventory.  We even carry regular daily pet dog supplies just for YOUR Boston Terrier.  It is a constant joy to pick items for our store because we do it out of love for our own little Max!

Our concern is both for the dog and the dog lover.  Everything we place in the store is with our own little Max in mind and something we would like to have for him or to remind us of Max & Moe.  We hope you enjoy shopping at Boston Terrier Gifts. 
God bless you,
Linda & Richard Dupont