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Boston terrier dog information - learn about Boston Terrier dogs
The Boston Terrier is also known as the Boston Bull or Boston Bull Terrier. The Boston Terrier dog is very distinctive-looking with alternating dark and white fur and pointy ears. Specifically bred to be a companion animal, yet with ancestors who were bred for the hunt.  Bostons tend to be both lovable with humans and tough toward other animals, whatever their size. 
Boston Terriers are good for apartment living as well as country living. They are relatively inactive indoors and are okay without a yard. This breed is sensitive to weather extremes and should be sheltered in cases of bad weather.  They are not to be kept in outside kennels!

Boston Terriers need regular walks and times of play in a fenced-in yard. The Boston Terrier likes to go places with you but long walks are not his desire! Taking him along on car rides and places he can come inside are right up this little guys alley, so using a dog purse or bag is a great idea for both of you!  Boston Terriers are tough little dogs and their life expectancy is 15 or more years.
Boston Terrier dog information
Boston Terriers are compact and well-muscled dogs. Their faces are unmistakable with a short, wide muzzle, dark, large round eyes set far apart, and small, fine, erect ears. They have a broad, flat head without wrinkles and a short, square muzzle leading to an ample black nose. The Boston's neck is slightly arched and its chest is broad. His limbs are straight and muscular. The hair is short, brilliant, and of a fine texture that comes in brindle & white or black & white and brown & white.
Height: 15-17 inches (38.1-43cm.)
Weight: 10-25 pounds (4.5-11.3kg.)
Coat: short, smooth, bright and fine-textured
Color: brindle, seal, or black with white markings
Eyes: large, round, and dark
Ears: small and standing straight up
Skull: square, flat on top, with no wrinkles
Muzzle: short, square, wide and proportionate to the skull
Nose: black and wide
Tail: short, fine and tapered

Great companion dog.  The Boston Terrier is gentle, alert, very intelligent, and well-mannered. They are affectionate and loving.  The Boston Terrier is friendly and lively, but not prone to barking.  Enthusiastic and occasionally rambunctious, this breed has a sense of humor. They are very sensitive to the tone of one's voice. This breed likes to learn and therefore is not difficult to train. Their intelligence ensures they pick things up quickly. At times they can be somewhat willful. Bostons are NOT prone to barking.  Some owners have reported that their dogs are good watchdogs barking only when necessary, while other owners have reported their female Boston Terriers do not bark at the door at all. Some have even been used for herding but this is not common.  They are reliable with children, especially good with elderly people and very friendly with strangers. The Boston Terrier is playful, very affectionate and likes to be part of the family. They are very popular in the United States, due above all to their excellent character. They usually get along well with non-canine pets. Bostons can be a little aggressive around other dogs unless trained not to.  Sometimes males are dominant and may fight with other dogs. These little dogs can be difficult to housebreak.

Health Issues:
Their short snout may cause breathing difficulties when stressed by exertion in hot or cold weather and can overheat if they are pushed too hard. They may also snore or drool. Whelping is often difficult as the pelvis is narrow and the large headed pups are often delivered by cesarean section. Heart and skin tumors are common problems in this breed. The prominent eyes are prone to injury. Some badly bred Boston Terriers may have a bone defect in the skull that stunts brain growth, resulting in a retarded dog. Kushings disease can occur in Bostons & some get epilepsy but these are not common

Boston Terriers, as the name implies, were first bred in Boston.  The Boston Terrier, sometimes called the American Gentleman can trace its ancestry from the mating of a crossbred Bulldog/terrier called Judge, imported to the United States from the United Kingdom in 1865.  The Boston Terrier is a cross between the English Bull Dog and the English White Terrier, which is now extinct. To later progeny were added a dash of English and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, until the dog we know today evolved. At first it was known as the American Bull Terrier, but as a result of objections from other Bull Terrier clubs it was renamed the Boston Terrier after the city responsible for its development. The breed became popular in the late 19th Century in Boston.

Bred down in size from pit-fighting dogs of the bull and terrier types, the Boston Terrier originally weighed up to 44 pounds.  It is difficult to believe that these dapper little dogs were once tough pit-fighters. In fact, their weight classifications were once divided as lightweight, middle and heavyweight. The Boston Terrier is one of the few breeds that was "Made in the USA." Boston to be exact. The original Boston Terriers were a cross between the English Bulldog and now extinct English White Terrier. Around 1865, the coachmen employed by the wealthy people of Boston began to interbreed some of these fine dogs owned by their employers. One of these crosses, between an English White Terrier and an English Bulldog resulted in a dog named Hooper's Judge. Judge weighed over 30 pounds (13.5 kg.) he was bred down in size with a smaller female and one of those male pups was bred to yet a smaller female. Their offspring interbred with one or more French Bulldogs, providing the foundation for the Boston Terrier. By 1889 the breed had become sufficiently popular in Boston that fanciers formed the American Bull Terrier Club, but this proposed name for the breed was not well received by the Bull Terrier Fanciers. The breeds nickname, roundheads, was similarly inappropriate. Shortly after, the breed was named the Boston Terrier after its birthplace. The Boston Terrier breed was first shown in Boston in 1870.  In 1892, the Boston Terrier was the first American breed to be recognized by the American Kennel Club. In the early years the color and markings were not very important but by the 1900's the breeds distinctive markings and color were written into the standard becoming an essential feature.

Today, the Boston Terrier is the mascot of Boston University. In 1979, the state legislature recognized the Boston Terrier as the state dog of Massachusetts.

Dog Group the Boston Terrier belongs to:
Mastiff, AKC Non-Sporting   (It is a terrier only in name.)

Boston Terriers are Recogonized by these associations:
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Boston Terrier Information
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